Before we tweetup [SAMPRB 3]

May 28, 2009
Could you keep track of all this by yourself?

Could you keep track of all this by yourself?

Judging by how hectic this week has been after a holiday and the usual running around at home and the office, I wouldn’t blame anyone if they who said they forgot what day it was and that SAMPRB 3 was tomorrow.

That’s right. Only a few hours away.

Another thing I seem to lose track of are social media tools, clients, applications tips, trends and tricks. But in the true spirit of social media I usually get the 4-1-1 on the latest and greatest about this topic from social network friends on the very channels that brought us together in the first place or – when I’m lucky – face to face, at events like… oh, I don’t know… tweetups?

For our third installment of the SAMPRB tweetup we have invited a local experts to talk to us about useful tools and tips to make the most of our favorite social media sites and the technology we use to access them – Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, iPhones, Blackberries, Macs, PCs. Here is a list of what awaits you tomorrow, either in real-time or via the SAMPRB Ustream live broadcast:

Ladies and gentlemen… start thinking up some questions.

On a last note…

Before we tweetup

To make things run a little more smoothly, we are coordinating food orders and payment a little differently this time. All for the best we hope.

Please enter the tweetup through the patio door. Paloma Blanca service staff will direct anyone found wondering around aimlessly. The waiters will take your orders as you walk through the door. The menu is below in case you want to take a look at it ahead of time. The waiters will also take your payment at the door to make it easier for everyone to get back to the office when the time calls for it. Please bring $14 in cash or check only. This includes your meal, a drink, tax and gratuity. If things go as planned, logistics will go a lot more smoothly this time and we can all use our precious time to meet more new, great people.

Tomorrow’s menu options:

  • Chicken Fajitas
  • Pollo al Cilantro
  • Enchiladas Verdes
  • Ensalada Esmeralda

If you couldn’t make it or RSVP, don’t despair. We will live stream the tweetup via Ustream and live tweet using the #samprb hashtag. Feel free to participate right from your office or from home.

Feel free to post a comment here or send an update using teh #SAMPRB hashtag if you have any questions, comments about this month’s topic, suggestions for future tweetups, if you would like to let us know what projects you are currently working on that the group can help with or if you would like to connect to SAMPRB in any other way.

See you at the tweetup!

Flickr image by Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten


Andi Narvaez is one of the three founders of the San Antonio Media/PR/Business Tweetup. She is an public relations account coordinator for KGBTexas Public Relations / Advertising in San Antonio, Texas and is also one of the three organizers of TweetCamp San Antonio. She writes a blog on integration, communication and our evolving society. She recently earned her degree in Communications and Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from Trinity University. She is originally from Quito, Ecuador.


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