Before We Tweetup: July’s #SAMPRB 5

July 17, 2009
Photo by Robert S. Donovan

Photo by Robert S. Donovan


Lunch: Don’t forget to bring cash or credit card. Lunch is $13 and includes meal, drink, tax and tip. Please be sure to eat — we’re required to purchase 50 meals.

Don’t you just love the smell of new Play-Doh? Fresh out of the can, it’s so pliable — the shape and design possibilities are endless. 

The thing is: Play-Doh’s potential isn’t truly realized until you see other people’s creations. Those examples are a launching pad for your own works of art.

That’s true for social media, too. 

To help you figure out how to mold and shape Twitter and Facebook in a way that best serves your organization, we’ve asked a group of everyday users to give you the 4-1-1 on their strategies.

Speaking at Tuesday’s lunch:

1. Deborah Martin: is the director of public relations for San Antonio College. She’ll share how the college is using social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to both market the school and connect with students and the community. (5 min.)

2. Nora Frost: is the owner of Dos Culturas (Spanish for “two cultures”), a business specializing in public relations and marketing para todos (“for everybody”). She handles the PR for The Cleto Show, a half-hour comedy show based in San Antonio, found on Fox 29 every Saturday evening. She’s done a great job of using Twitter to both get the word out, build excitement and help the stars connect with viewers. (5 min.)

3. Travis Poling:  A longtime San Antonio journalist, Travis traded in his daily newspaper deadlines for something frothier — a business based around beer. Through Beer Across Texas, Travis conducts tastings across the state and shares the wisdom in his book “Beer Across Texas: A Guide to the Brews and Brewmasters of the Lone Star State” (Maverick Publishing, summer 2009). Learn how he’s used social media to launch his business. (5 min.) 

4. Ryan Kelly: Founder, owner and chief analyst  of Pear Analytics – a San Antonio analytics company that helps companies get the most ROI from their Web sites and Web presence. Find our how Ryan uses Twitter and other SM tools to expand his business and stay in touch with his customers. (5 min.)

5.. Coleen Pence: Owner of Social Media Mentoring, Colleen Pence advises several local clients about social media. We’ve asked her to talk specifically about her work for Brasserie Pavil, a local French bistro that is using Twitter daily to build relationships with local diners by tweeting daily specials, offering Twitter discounts and more. (5 min.

* Open mic for guests: We’ll open up the podium to other local businesses who might want to share their social media stories.

Tips and Tools: Andi Narvaez and Nan Palmero will offer a 5-minute look at useful applications. Matt Scherer will speak briefly about URL shorteners – how to use them in conjuction with your social media accounts.

SAMPRB Announcement: Andi Narvaez will share some fun news about SAMPRB

Livestreaming: Joe Ruiz will handle this month’s livestreaming for us.

Flashcard Wench and SAMPRB Hostess: Donna Tuttle 

Official Greeter: Jessica Young

As always, the hashtag is: #SAMPRB

A journalist for more than two decades, Donna J. Tuttle is the projects coordinator for the San Antonio Business Journal, where she edits special publications, manages the newsroom’s Twitter account, and writes features and in-depth projects. A proud alum of Syracuse University, Donna also handles the paper’s editorial internship program and is one of the three co-founders of the San Antonio Media, PR, Business Tweetup. You can find her on Twitter @writeontime or read her blogWriteonTime.


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