1) An informal gathering meant to get fellow Twitterers to meet the people behind their followers’ avatars / usernames.

2) A great opportunity to pick the brains of social media and Twitter experts as well as brainstorm with fellow beginners.

The San Antonio Media/Public Relations/Business (SAMPRB) tweetup takes place towards the end of every month (we’ll keep you posted!) and is a regular meeting of the minds.

This is the official blog of the SAMPRB tweetup that was made possible by social media, but it doesn’t stop there. The idea is to build relationships and make each others’ lives just a little bit easier – Feel free to suggest ideas, topics, all and more. Here area few places to go (online and besides the tweetup) to start you off with and take this once-a-month event to the next level.

  • Subscribe to the blog’s RSS feed and get regular updates.
  • Join the Facebook Group and feel free to start discussions on there and start to get to know fellow SAMPRers.
  • OnTwitter, remember to use the #SAMPRB hashtag after any of your SAMPRB-related updates.
  • If you are a visual person, join our group on Flickr. If you are already a member, share your pictures for all to see!
  • Follow the organizers on Twitter and let them know about any suggestions, questions and/or concerns:

See you at the tweetup!



  1. […] SAMPRB tweetup was created to give members of the local San Antonio Media, Public Relations and Business industries a place in space and real time to connect, share ideas and find new ways to collaborate and work together. […]

  2. Hi there! thanks for sharing one of my illustrations on your blog. (The baby used on https://samprb.wordpress.com/2009/07/14/)

    Would you please be so kind to add a link to it aiming http://www.addstudio.com.ar ?

    Thank you! Nice blog!
    Best regards,

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