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A recap of SAMPRB July 2009. Wait, make that BMPR July 2009

July 23, 2009

JulyAttendessJuly’s tweetup was our biggest one yet. We want to say thank you to all 96 of you who attended, those watching from the office / home and those who were unable to attend but were there in spirit.

If you missed any of it we have a recap for you. Hope to see you at the next one!


1. Deborah Martin: the director of public relations for San Antonio College shared how Twitter and Facebook have helped her connect recent graduates with the college’s career services office, find information about an event before attending and booking potential speakers for the upcoming National Council of Marketing and Public Relations.

2. Nora Frost: the owner of Dos Culturas (Spanish for “two cultures”), a business specializing in public relations and marketing para todos (“for everybody”) shared how she uses Twitter to promote The Cleto Show, San Antonio’s first sitcom.

3. Travis Poling: the man behind Beer Across Texas shared how fellow Twitterers, @lalorek and @paul_berry, convinced him to give Twitter a try and how he has been hooked ever since. Travis now uses the social network to promote his business, stay up to date with what breweries are up to making sure things don’t go flat.

4. Ryan Kelly: the founder, owner and chief analyst of Pear Analytics shared how he uses Twitter and LinkedIn groups and polls in his business. Ryan talked about a new study Pear Analytics is conducting to gauge how people and businesses are using social media. His theory? Self-promotion will stand out among all other uses. Ryan also mentioned as a tool to filter your Twitter stream and cut down the noise.

5. Colleen Pence: the owner of Social Media Mentoring shared how she has helped Brasserie Pavil, a local French bistro, jump on Twitter and use it to take reservations, respond to praise, questions and concerns, promote services and menu specials and more.

Open mic guests

Luis Sandoval Jr.: Talked about the importance of branching out, exploring and using other social media networks to reach target markets.

Kim Fisher: shared the ways in which Twitter has made a difference in her work as a reporter for News 4 WOAI. Kim uses Twitter to reach viewers and get story ideas from the public, businesses and public relations professionals.

Barbara Permilla Roth: shared how she will use her blog to document her journey into Israel – Aliyah, which in Hebrew means to go up, ascent.

Kevin Joyce:  talked about the crazy, cool thing that is Twitter and how Imagine Fellowship has used it to build a upportive, helpful and participative community.

Tips and Tools

Andi Narvaez and Nan Palmero put together a quick presentation (below) with useful social media tips and tools and Matt Scherer spoke about URL shorteners

SAMPRB Announcement

Unfortunately, SAMPRB is no more. Fortunately, that’s only because we rearranged the letters and renamed ourselves BMPR (pronounced “bumper”) – we think the new name is a little easier to roll off the tongue and will help us as we reach new horizons. What else is new you ask? See for yourself…


Once again, @wmcaldera (Billy Caldera) provided us with high-quality livestreaming goodness. Be sure to watch the entire tweetup on demand.

Flashcard Wench and BMPR Hostess

Donna Tuttle helped us transition between speakers with a bit of humor, courtesy of Steven Wright.

Official Greeter

Thanks to one of our new BMPR’ers, Jessica Young, we have a list of attendees for you to start following and connecting with. Use at your leisure!

NOTE: This list will be updated as our community grows. We will soon have the capability to give you the opportunity to add yourself to the list… stay tuned.

Andi Narvaez is a public relations and social media coordinator for KGBTexas Public Relations / Advertising in San Antonio, Texas. She is one of the three founders of the San Antonio Media/PR/Business Tweetup and also a co-organizer of TweetCamp San Antonio. She writes a blog on the integration of public relations, social media, marketing and our changing society. Andi will soon depart for Maryland to earn her Master’s degree in Public Relations at University of Maryland. She is originally from Quito, Ecuador but is proud to have called San Antonio her home for the past five years.


Andi says goodbye; two say hello

July 14, 2009

Hang on to your hats we’ve got good news and sad news.

Image by Addrox Kheiron

Sad news first: Andi Narvaez, our dear friend and co-founder of SAMPRB, is leaving us. Lucky for her, the move is a good one. She is leaving behind San Antonio to become a full-time graduate student at the University of Maryland and further her communications savvy.

If you haven’t already surmised, Andi is one of those special people who lives, eats and breathes all things creative. She (being the PR in the SAMPRB) has been a driver of this big crazy bus and we will miss her bright mind, big heart and shiny smile. Lucky for us, Andi will be trying to set up a D.C. version of SAMPRB — so we will be working and connecting with her and her East Coast counterparts. Still, we will miss her warm Ecuadorean spirit.

Good news second: To help fill the void Andi is leaving behind, we are introducing two new members of the SAMPRB executive committee.

nan palmero fw

Nan Palmero: Nan Palmero, MBA, is Chief Inspiration Officer at SalesBy5. Below I’m listing his professional description. But I like to call him Mr. Helpful.

This guy has an enormous technological brain and he is always willing to share that information with anyone who asks. The proof: He’s got more than 4,000 followers on Twitter — many of whom seek his advice on PDAs, social media apps and more. The truth is that his talent was being wasted sitting in the SAMPRB crowd — we wanted him to be part of the team and help take us to new heights. Think of him as the B in SAMPRB.

He is married to the lovely Ashley Palmero, a wedding photographer, and they have a very cute dog with his own Twitter page: @clunkerspalmero

Nan is a coach for Strengths, a data-proven team-building process that teaches teams how to play to their strengths and manage around their weaknesses. He also is professionally trained with data-backed processes to teach companies how to better market themselves and attends several top-tier business conferences each year. Additionally, Nan is recognized as the resident Power User for, an international BlackBerry enthusiasts’ blog. His continued education in that arena also comes from attending world-class conferences around the country to learn the newest trends in technology and communications. Nan’s blog on can be found here:

Jessica PhotoJessica Young,23, is an account coordinator at KGBTexas Public Relations / Advertising here in town. Jessica will be the PR in SAMPRB — following in Andi’s footsteps. A native San Antonian, Jessica graduated from Alamo Heights High School and Texas State University. She has a passion for art — and that includes a particular love of cooking and baking. (I personally can attest to her incredible oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Burp.)

“I have only recently immersed myself into the world of social media and all it has to offer, but I have loved everyone that I have met and everything that I have learned,” Jessica says.

“Jessica is personable, a great listener and she has an apt mind for learning new things,” says colleague Andi Narvaez. “She shares our enthusiasm for discovering more uses for social media and innovating in the good company of colleagues and peers.”

To find out more about Jessica, check out her blog:

Joe Ruiz, KSAT’s nightside Web Editor, my other trusty SAMPRB co-founder, and I hope you’ll welcome Nan and Jessica. We’ve got some exciting things in store which we’ll announce on July 21st.

A journalist for more than two decades, Donna J. Tuttle is the projects coordinator for the San Antonio Business Journal, where she edits special publications, manages the newsroom’s Twitter account, and writes features and in-depth projects. A proud alum of Syracuse University, Donna also handles the paper’s editorial internship program and is one of the three co-founders of the San Antonio Media, PR, Business Tweetup. You can find her on Twitter @writeontime or read her blog WriteonTime.

* Graphic image by Addrox Kheiron


Before we tweetup

April 29, 2009
Flickr user westy48

Flickr user westy48

The second SAMPRB tweetup is in a mere 37 hours (but who’s counting?) so we wanted to post a quick list of what to expect. If this reminds you of your school days when teachers would tell you what to bring to a test I immediately apologize and promise that the tweetup will be much more fun, engaging and effective than any standardized test.

1. Because I know my priorities I’m listing food first. As you know, the great people at Paloma Blanca have once again agreed to accomodate our group (52 RSVPs! Not too shabby) and, to help things run smoothly, they have suggested a three-item lunch menu. Each item is $14, which includes the lunch entree and drink of your choice, tax and gratuity. Easy right? So just make sure you make a trip to the ATM sometime before the tweetup.

The menu is below:

  • Enchiladas Verdes: Two chicken enchiladas covered in our tangy tomatillo sauce, melted queso Monterrey and topped with sour cream. Served with Spanish rice, frijoles borrachos and guacamole.
  • Pollo al Cilantro: Grilled chicken breast covered with our signature Crema Cilantro. Served with Spanish rice and frijoles borrachos.
  • Ensalada Esmeralda: A blend of crisp iceberg, romaine and spinach lettuces with grilled chicken, tortilla strips, red onions, rajas poblano and queso fresco tossed in our cilantro dressing.

2. Don’t forget our theme is personal branding but think of that as the appetizer. The idea is to let the discussion run it’s own course. @nanpalmero from Salesby5, @joeruiz from KSAT and SAMPRB founder and yours truly, @andinarvaez from KGBTexas Public Relations / Advertising, will kick us off with some insight on personal branding for those in business, media and public relations. We will then open up the floor for more discussion. Our very own @writeontime (A.K.A. Donna Tuttle), from the San Antonio Business Journal and also a proud SAMPRB founder, will be our moderator.

3. If you couldn’t make it or RSVP, don’t despair. We will live stream the tweetup via Ustream and live tweet using the #samprb hashtag. Feel free to participate right from your office or from home.

4. Three things are more than enough to keep track of. See you at the tweetup!


Andi Narvaez is one of the three founders of the San Antonio Media/PR/Business Tweetup. She is an public relations account coordinator for KGBTexas Public Relations / Advertising in San Antonio, Texas and is also one of the three organizers of TweetCamp San Antonio. She writes a blog on integration, communication and our evolving society. She recently earned her degree in Communications and Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from Trinity University. She is originally from Quito, Ecuador.