With every new tweetup we will try to bring you, not just interesting, relevant conversation, but a little taste of our city as well. After all, before there was social media, it was this city that brought us together.

Below are the venues that have been home to SAMPRB. We hope to continue to add many more – with your help! Please leave us your comments on venues that are close to your home or the office or, simply, that you love. The only caveat is they must be able to seat no less than 50 people. We want to make it possible for everyone to join us; however, don’t forget that whenever that is not possible or if you just can’t make it… we live stream!


Paloma Blanca Mexican Cuisine‎unstarred
more info »
5800 Broadway St # 300, San Antonio, TX‎ – (210) 822-6151
14250 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio, TX‎ – (210) 495-2233‎

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  1. […] love to recommend feel free to leave your suggestion in the comment section of our brand new “venues” […]

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